Frequently Asked Questions

What advantages does SmartFormular offer?

With SmartFormular you can easily create your digital forms professionally for your business process. You can make your forms available either via a link in an email or an SMS, or via a QR code.

Where is the data stored?

Patient data is stored on servers and data centers in Germany.

Is the data safe?

The data is transmitted SSL encrypted. This means that there is no possibility of external access to the data by third parties.

Who is SmartfFormular suitable for?

SmartFormular is suitable for all companies that want to digitize their forms in order to save time and money. Forms, agreements and contracts are often created and shared analogously; there is still enormous potential for companies here.

What is the contract term for SmartFormular?

The basic package can be canceled monthly. The professional subscription has a term of 12 months. But you have many advantages and the price per month is significantly cheaper. Our recommendation is the professional package, which is also the most popular with our customers.
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